Welcome to Executive Views

We’ve arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.”

—Dr. Carl Sagan

When news breaks in our world today, technology probably has something to do with it. To get an informed perspective from expert researchers and subject matter experts CSC is a good place to turn.

Independent, opinionated and informed, CSC researchers and technology experts draw equal inspiration from business and academia.  They spend as much time rolling up their sleeves with business executives taking on practical challenges as they do conducting original research on workplace change, environmental sustainability, consumerization of business information technology, the future of information technology, how business and technology are changing each other and how businesses can work best with IT professionals.

As news is made, this blog will present the views of CSC’s subject matter experts and researchers. These experts will bring to bear their practical experiences combined with their academic endeavors, commenting on breaking news in areas such as healthcare, cybersecurity, cloud computing and more; providing clarity, meaning and insight to a complex world—things we all hunger for today.

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