Davos Day Zero: Convergence and Strategic Serendipity

Randy Phillips, Vice President and Chief Development Officer (CDO), CSC

I agree with this WSJ article that there is a sense of optimism at the 2011 World Economic Forum. Day Zero at Davos was all about Convergence.  I noticed that most of us in the tech sector have a different meaning than the convergence you see at WEF (convergence of business, government, labor, NGO, religious and other leaders). My convergence on Day Zero was an interview with a French TV station; meeting the CEO of NFTE, Amy Rosen; to bumping in to a family friend; to planning my full agenda for tomorrow.

Last evening was the welcome reception sponsored by Klaus Schwab, essentially the founder of WEF after his 1970 book regarding the responsibility of corporations beyond that of just shareholders to all stakeholders, including the community-at-large.  Forty-one years later, 2,500 participants from around the world hold 230 meetings in less than a week devoted to topics from the Global Financial Crisis to Cloud Computing to Environmental Sustainability, etc. I guess the term “snowball effect” is appropriate given the wintery setting in which it is hosted each year.

The phrase “Strategic Serendipity” also struck me last evening as I sat behind Klaus Schwab in a meeting.  Strategic Serendipity: making strategically fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated.  While I’m keenly focused on meeting key customers and alliance partners this week, and bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives back to CSC, “Strategic Serendipity” is a distinct possibility.

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