Davos Day Two: Convergence, Cybersecurity and Cloud

This post was written by Randy Phillips, Vice President and Chief Development Officer (CDO), CSC. He blogged daily with new insights while attending the 2011 World Economic Forum.

The three C’s: Convergence, Cybersecurity and Cloud. I participated in a fascinating set of discussions around all three today.

One event included executives from the IT and Telecom sectors where they met with executives from Agriculture, Food & Beverage, and Retail & Consumer industries. Lots of debates today about which industries may benefit the most from IT and Telecom convergence and which industries will likely have to change their behavior or be left behind.

One thing that is clearly on the mind of all industry leaders was the subject of “consumer trust” and cybersecurity will play a vital role. Yes, most of us depend largely on various Internet-connected devices for our everyday lives, from shopping to mapping to social networking – but fragility of consumer trust must remain at the forefront. It’s also a demographic and generational issue. The question is whether industry can and will solve consumer trust of interconnected devices or will regulation step in? Most of the leaders in our sessions (dare I say all) agreed that industry can and should be able to solve it the best, but regulation could certainly happen in the future. In Internet-land, that’s a bit of a difficult issue to address: it’s transnational, and different nationalities have different views on privacy and trust.

Another observation about “Big Data.”  It’s clear that most consumers are on data overload (I say this as I type on my laptop; check emails on my Blackberry; and IM from my Android while looking for my iPad).  We clearly need better navigation and convergence tools for the consumer for big data.  I think we’ll get there and cloud will have a significant impact.

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One Response to Davos Day Two: Convergence, Cybersecurity and Cloud

  1. The Aspen Institute recently published a very useful, high-level report on “The Promise and Peril of Big Data.”
    We’ve got enough challenges today–but in just a few years, we’re going to have 20-50 times more bytes available online because of the explosive growth of video, sensors, and broadband wireless. Prediction: We’ll have no shortage of customers drowning in data and looking for technological lifelines.
    Michael R. Nelson
    Research Associate
    CSC Leading Edge Forum

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