Davos Day Three: Corporate Responsibility

This post was written by Randy Phillips, Vice President and Chief Development Officer (CDO), CSC. He blogged daily with new insights while attending the 2011 World Economic Forum.

My third day at Davos was about as diverse a day as I’ve had in a very long while.

Among other more technical meetings, I attended a lunch hosted by the Belgian government; met with the Vice Mayor of Tianjin, China; and attended a session on Raising Healthy Children.  All were fascinating, enlightening, affirming and were reflective of CSC in many different ways. A proof point that Davos brings together world leaders from business, governments, social and other elements.

I have a personal passion and commitment for Corporate Responsibility, so it was natural to find a session of interest: Raising Healthy Children.  The head of the World Health Organization, the CEO of Coca-Cola, Melinda French Gates from the Gates Foundation, Bono and others spoke about what amazing strides we’ve made, globally, in improving the health of children.

Polio, for example, has been virtually eradicated worldwide and in the last 12 months, polio outbreaks in India and Nigeria are down 90%!  We are at the cusp of eradicating the first major disease in the last 50 years (the last being Small Pox).

It was great to see how corporations, governments and social organizations (the ‘golden triangle’) can work together. The CEO of Coca-Cola spoke about how they’re helping in nutrition and also in the fight against polio — using their distribution and logistics system. The President & CEO of Novo Nordisk spoke about the amazing work they’re doing in three principle areas: Empowerment of Women; the UN Summit on Product Disease (product disease is actually worse than “infectious” disease); and Childhood Diabetes with their focus on prevention and identification/treatment.

It was inspiring to see the accomplishments being made around the world by the corporate citizens represented here this week, and a fantastic way to conclude another year at the WEF.

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