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Salesforce and Its Recent Acquisition

The popular technical press is all agog with news of Salesforce’s recent acquisitions including Heroku for $212M and Radian6 for $326M. Some of the comments question such expensive purchases but these are very astute moves and it’s worth exploring why. … Continue reading

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Transitioning from Cloud Strategy to Execution in Public Sector

With the continued drumbeat from the U.S. Federal Government on consolidating data centers and shifting to a ‘Cloud First’ policy, it is natural for some skeptics to discount the impact of these changes which are taking place within our marketplace. … Continue reading

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Is There a Future for Cloud Computing? Putting Things in Perspective

Business Week has published an excellent article on the Battle of the Tech Titans in cloud. It’s well worth reading especially because of its focus on clouds enablement of innovation, however there are a couple of comments I’d like to … Continue reading

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From Cairo to Jeopardy to the Oscars, Everybody’s Talking About IT

It would be hard not to have noticed just how many information technology stories have been in the news lately – Wikileaks, the use of Facebook and Twitter by protesters throughout the Middle East, The Social Network being nominated for … Continue reading

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Lifting the Fog Around the Internet Kill Switch Debate

There is a lot of buzz and discussion around the danger of giving the President of the United States the authority to cut-off citizen access to the Internet – the so-called “Internet kill switch.”  I recently appeared on Fox News … Continue reading

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