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People vs. Diaz Fails to Consider Enterprise Data on Mobile Devices

On October 10, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a proposed law, SB 914, which would have required the police to obtain a warrant to search the cell phones, laptops or tablet computers of individuals who are arrested or detained by … Continue reading

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Emerging Models for Retained IT

In an era of both increased sourcing and new technology proliferation, Enterprise IT organizations are deciding what skills they should and shouldn’t retain in-house. The future mission of Enterprise IT is clearly changing, but the nature of the change is … Continue reading

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Salesforce and Its Recent Acquisition

The popular technical press is all agog with news of Salesforce’s recent acquisitions including Heroku for $212M and Radian6 for $326M. Some of the comments question such expensive purchases but these are very astute moves and it’s worth exploring why. … Continue reading

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From Cairo to Jeopardy to the Oscars, Everybody’s Talking About IT

It would be hard not to have noticed just how many information technology stories have been in the news lately – Wikileaks, the use of Facebook and Twitter by protesters throughout the Middle East, The Social Network being nominated for … Continue reading

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