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Is IT Making Unemployment Worse? The Debate Has Begun

In America, the combination of high unemployment and the start of the presidential election process has sparked a great deal of debate about how jobs are created, and lost. Nothing new there. Similar academic and populist debates have been part … Continue reading

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All I want for IT in 2012 (Predictions for IT in 2012 by CSC)

On cloud! On data! On cyber! On mobile! On tablets! On social networks…okay, you get the point. It’s December, and for those of us in IT, ’tis the season for predicting what trends will be dashing through enterprises in 2012. … Continue reading

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Intelligent Rail Systems….But where’s my cargo?

I think the rail industry’s advancements in the use of technology are great, as they bring our society closer to the realization of a vision for effective transportation systems. But an Intelligent Rail System has the potential to be yet … Continue reading

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The Government Needs to Remove Telemedicine Roadblocks

Voxiva and ViTelCare are among the many companies in the Washington area and around the globe that have developed telemedicine solutions through online and mobile technologies. Telemedicine is considered to be a key technology enabler of U.S. health reform efforts … Continue reading

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Open Source as a Tactical Weapon, VMware’s Latest Move

  All business activities evolve through a common lifecycle and we’re currently witnessing a shift of many IT related activities from a product to a utility service world. This is commonly referred to as “the cloud”. This transition brings benefits, … Continue reading

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Salesforce and Its Recent Acquisition

The popular technical press is all agog with news of Salesforce’s recent acquisitions including Heroku for $212M and Radian6 for $326M. Some of the comments question such expensive purchases but these are very astute moves and it’s worth exploring why. … Continue reading

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Managing Healthcare’s “Big Data Tsunami”

I came across Russell Garland’s story, “Social Media, Genomics Driving Data Tsunami” in WSJ’s Venture Capital Dispatch over the weekend as I was preparing for HIMSS 11, and I began to think about how many life sciences organizations are already on … Continue reading

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Davos Day One: Innovation, CR and Observations on Mobility at WEF

This post was written by Randy Phillips, Vice President and Chief Development Officer (CDO), CSC. He blogged daily with new insights while attending the 2011 World Economic Forum. My day one at Davos focused on Innovation and Corporate Responsibility. For innovation, … Continue reading

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