Executives in the News

Richard Davies and Doug Neal talk about Cloud Computing: Future directions and management implications

Publication: Connect-World ICT Magazine

The IT industry is often accused of over-promising and under-delivering. While there are many days when this may seem true, looking back over time the opposite is more the case. The extent of IT-enabled business change has been greater than most people could have imagined and we believe the pace of IT-enabled innovation will continue to accelerate. Read the full article here.

Alan Matcham talks to Investor’s Business Daily about how business ‘facebooks’ will boost innovation

Publication: Investor’s Business Daily

For businesses, the rise of social networking will enable new forms of collective intelligence that can create business advantages — if managers can learn how to best use these fast-evolving technologies. That’s the main finding from a recent paper by Leading Edge Forum, a research and advisory unit of tech services firm Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC). Read the full article here.

Doug Neal talks about how Cloud Computing will reshape IT forever

Publication: CIO Update

Cloud computing is the most significant development for IT since the invention of the PC. It’s impact on IT will be similar to the paradigm shift Apple’s iTunes caused in the music industry, namely selling music by the song instead by the album. (In IT’s vernacular: the ever-elusive consumption of services by-the-drink or utility computing on steroids.) Read the full article here.


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