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The Real Reasons Why Cyber Is Now Front-Page News

A front-page article on cybersecurity by Ellen Nakashima, published in the March 18, 2012, edition of The Washington Post, is important in several ways.  First, the article discusses the use of cyber as a weapon system, i.e., as a component … Continue reading

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Privacy and Security – Does Anyone REALLY Care?

There has recently been a spate of data breaches and reported cyber-attacks. Epsilon, and SONY PlayStation have lost data on millions; Amazon’s Cloud services were taken down; the RSA SecureID token was compromised, and the South Korean financial institution Nonghyup … Continue reading

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Information Security Isn’t a Destination, It’s a Process – A Perspective on Hackers Penetrating Nasdaq Computers

After reading the article in the WSJ about hackers penetrating Nasdaq computers a simple analogy came to mind that paints a clear picture of how things have changed.  While bank robber Willie Sutton never actually said the phrase, it has … Continue reading

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Reactions to Wikileaks: How to Share Information While Ensuring Security

As we consider the question of WikiLeaks, we need to examine and balance two issues:  Security and collaboration.  One might think intuitively that these two issues stand in opposition to each other.  In fact, the reverse is true.  Effective collaboration … Continue reading

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