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NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2012

It’s a milestone year for this, the 20th NASSCOM India Leadership Forum (NILF), and as I arrived at the Hotel Grand Hyatt in Mumbai to attend the annual showcase, the first impression that I got was that the event is … Continue reading

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Is IT Making Unemployment Worse? The Debate Has Begun

In America, the combination of high unemployment and the start of the presidential election process has sparked a great deal of debate about how jobs are created, and lost. Nothing new there. Similar academic and populist debates have been part … Continue reading

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Emerging Models for Retained IT

In an era of both increased sourcing and new technology proliferation, Enterprise IT organizations are deciding what skills they should and shouldn’t retain in-house. The future mission of Enterprise IT is clearly changing, but the nature of the change is … Continue reading

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From Cairo to Jeopardy to the Oscars, Everybody’s Talking About IT

It would be hard not to have noticed just how many information technology stories have been in the news lately – Wikileaks, the use of Facebook and Twitter by protesters throughout the Middle East, The Social Network being nominated for … Continue reading

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Davos: The Nature of Work Is Changing Indeed!

I found Barron’s article highlighting Davos and the topic of The Nature of Work is Changing intriguing. In my opinion, the bottom line is that technology has always been a net creator of new wealth and jobs. The jobs eliminated … Continue reading

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Welcome to Executive Views

“We’ve arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.” —Dr. Carl Sagan When news breaks in our world today, technology probably has something to do with it. To get an informed perspective from expert … Continue reading

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